Freedom Motorcycle
Who is going to be leading the tours?
How fast do you go?
What is your riding style?
Why do you only concentrate on Colorado?
How many people can go?
How flexible is your itinerary?
Do you go to large motorcycle rallies?
What about the helmet laws in Colorado?
Any other motorcycle laws?
What kind of hotels do you stay at?
Why do you start the tours in Golden?
Where do we eat?
Why don't you pay for alcohol?
Why don't you pay for breakfast?
How long will the lunch breaks be?
Do we have to eat at the same place as the guide?
What kind of food do you like?
What can you tell me about the marijuana laws in Colorado?
What kind of weather can I expect?
Why do you have so many rules?
What do I need to know about riding in a large group?
How will we get a copy of the route?
What do I pack?
Why do you only offer guided tours for a couple of months?
What can you tell me about the pre-paid credit cards for meals and fuel?
The owner of Freedom Motorcycle Tours will lead.
I will go at or slightly above the posted speed limit.
I would say my riding style is cruiser casual.
I know Colorado better than any of the surrounding states, and a lot better than some of these out of state touring companies. I know of some good motorcycle roads that these other people don't know exist. Although, if there is enough interest, I can plan a trip to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.
Because of the difficulty in keeping everybody together, I like to keep the tours small, so no more than about seven motorcycles. If you do have a larger group, I am willing to make an exception.
Somewhat flexible. If you do want to go faster or slower you can, just let the guide know. On most of the tours, though, reservations will have already been made for lodging, so there will be a need to get to the next town on the tour. Every motorcycle will have daily map to follow, so they can arrive the next town at there leisure.
When I ride, I like to get away from of large crowds. For some rallies, if you don't make lodging reservations weeks, sometimes years in advance, you won't have anywhere to stay. But if you do want to attend one, just let me know and I can get you close to it, and then we can schedule you some free days to attend.
Helmets are mandatory for everybody under 18, so if you are over that age, then it is your decision, but I highly recommend that you do wear one. Eye protection must be worn at all times.
Yes, Colorado has a maximum decibel level for motorcycles. Although, it is very rarely enforced. If your motorcycle is excessively loud, I will ask that you to please leave it at home. Some of the hotels we stay at are in quiet mountain towns, and I would like to go back to some of these places. There are no restrictions on ape hangers.
I like to stay at older historic or independently owned hotels. If nothing else is available, I will chose a chain hotel. All will be motorcycle friendly and will be within easy walking distance of someplace to eat. Usually after a long ride, I don't want to get back on the bike just to get something to eat.
Because, it is so close to the mountains, and we won't have to ride through the city just to get to some of the good roads. It is also very close to lots of different types of eating establishments, and has plenty of parking just in case you want to trailer your bike.
If you choose the meal option you will be eating at the same place as the guide. If you choose to pay for your own meals, you may go off on your own or you can eat in the same place as the guide, we will just ask for separate checks.
For safety issues. I don't want anybody drinking during the lunch break, for the dinner meal if you do want alcohol, we will ask for a separate check. Please drink responsibly. Terms and Conditions.
Most hotels now days feature a continental breakfast. If you want something more substantial you will be responsible any expenses.
Generally about an hour and half, when we stop for lunch I will let everybody know when to be back at the motorcycles.
Short answer is no, but if your meals are included, and you decide to go off on your own, you will not be reimbursed.
Italian, Mexican, and American food. I don't care for Asian, or seafood. Most of the restaurants I choose will have a large selection.
Yes, it is legal, but for safety reasons, we will not be stopping at ANY dispensaries. If you do partake during the tour  you will be asked to leave the tour and will not receive any refunds. So if you do want some, I ask that you save it for after the tour, or schedule an unguided tour.   Terms and Conditions. 
Most of the time it is mild. Although at some of the higher latitudes it has been known to snow every month of the year. Just be prepared for all types of weather from hot and dry to cold and wet. We will be riding regardless of the weather.
All motorcycle tour companies do, it is for our protection.
I use the MSF guide to riding in groups. I would prefer to have the ones with more experience in the back of the group.  MSF Group Ride
I use the web based version of Butler maps. I just need to get your email address so I can add you to the group.  
This is a hard question to answer. The easiest answer would to be pack light. When I plan on a long ride, I will pack enough clothes for a couple days, and then wash them at a hotel. When riding it is best to dress in layers, it is much easier to take clothes off, than going through luggage trying to find something warmer to wear. Keep in mind that we will ride every day regardless of the weather. There are numerous sites that has some good information. Also keep in mind if there is going to be a chase vehicle.
I work for a local school district and that gives me a couple of summer months off to run some tours.
You will receive a pre-paid credit card with enough funds for your scheduled tour, minus a processing fee. You must only use the card for meals/fuel only. If you do choose to use the card for anything other than meals/fuel and run out of funds, there will not be any more funds added to the card.  Please see Terms and Conditions. If there is any money left on the card you may keep it and the card as a souvenir. 
If you don't see you question here, submit your question, and I will get back to you as soon as I can
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